Blessings for a Joyful Easter

Easter blessings from Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto

The light seemed to fall
like a blessing on everyone beneath it.
I wanted to soak it in
from inside my heart and being.
~ Frances…

April: A Joyous Time of Opening

April at Massage Therapy Center

In Latin, the word April means opening. In this second month of Spring, the earth begins to soften, opening to receive rain, allowing grass, plants, and flowers to sprout. April takes her time—she opens a little, cools off, hides in gray rain clouds, smiles with sunshine, grows a little, pauses to let things germinate until their birthing time is just right.

Our bodies also begin to open…

Through the Senses

through the senses

Anything that comes in through the senses
is food for the body and affects one’s mental,
emotional, and physical health.
~ Smirt…

Massage Encourages Quality Sleep

massage for quality rest

A lack of sustained, quality sleep can put older adults at increased risk of falls, which are a significant cause of severe and disabling injury according to researchers at California Pacific Medical Center. They studied more than 3,000 men age 67 and older. The subjects’ sleep was recorded both through objective measurements – including devices to monitor the number of minutes they slept and…

Movement, Breath, and Bodywork

“In order to fully engage the healing potential of movement, it might serve us to cultivate our yearning to move, rather than disciplining ourselves into a rote routine. Discipline can be transformed into devotion. Too many people approach movement and exercise with the attitude that they must force themselves to do it because it’s theoretically good for them. Discipline implies training that…

Get Moving For A Healthier Brain

massage benefits exercise

It’s not often that a neuroscientist, psychologist, and physician agree equivocally on something, but they agree on this: exercise is the best thing you can do for your brain. ‘If I had a pill that could do what exercise does, its sales would put Viagra’s to shame,’ says Laura L. Cartensen, Director of the Stanford Center On Longevity and author of A Long Bright Future. She reports that t…

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