The Amazing Human Brain

The human brain is the most complex part of the human anatomy. Here are a few interesting facts!

Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 270 miles per hour. Ever wonder how you can react so fast to things around you or why that stubbed toe hurts right away? It’s due to the super-speedy movement of nerve impulses from your brain to the rest of your body and vice versa, bringing…

Be Kind To Your Body

Be thankful.

Be grateful.

If you are kind to your body,

it will respond in an incredible way.

~ Vanda…

Connectedness Through Therapeutic Attention

Things don’t exist in isolation, especially living beings. Being aware of our own anatomy comes alive as relationships of the parts of the body to each other are revealed. Weaving these parts into an appreciation of the whole happens when attention and touch animate the body. Our relationship to breath is also paramount in our embodiment of living. Something seemingly as simple as t…

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is a branch of the circulatory system made up of organs (spleen, thymus, tonsils and adenoids), lymph nodes, and lymph vessels. It produces the clear, extracellular fluid that bathes the tissues (lymph), and circulates it through the lymphatic system and back into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping our bodies free from excess water, protein,…

Broken and More Beautiful

Kintsukuroi ~

The Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold lacquer, understanding that breakage and repair is part of the history of a piece, making it more beautiful for having been…

Meet Robert Meconi, Advanced Therapist

Robert Meconi, Advanced Therapist

Robert has been in professional massage practice and training since 1992. He specializes in Deep Tissue and Myofascial therapies as well as various models of somatic re-education. He also practices Cranio-Sacral energy healing and has been trained in Somatic Psycho-Noetic therapies.

Robert’s desire in bodywork is to support each of his clients in a healing experience, whatever their situation.

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