Broken and More Beautiful

Kintsukuroi ~

The Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold lacquer, understanding that breakage and repair is part of the history of a piece, making it more beautiful for having been…

Meet Robert Meconi, Advanced Therapist

Robert Meconi, Advanced Therapist

Robert has been in professional massage practice and training since 1992. He specializes in Deep Tissue and Myofascial therapies as well as various models of somatic re-education. He also practices Cranio-Sacral energy healing and has been trained in Somatic Psycho-Noetic therapies.

Robert’s desire in bodywork is to support each of his clients in a healing experience, whatever their situation.

Breathing Into Fall

Deep breathing reduces stress

Breathe with me for a moment. Place your hands on your stomach and feel it expand as you inhale. Then let it contract and deflate as you exhale. This cycle happens about 720 times per hour, more than 17,000 times a day, without us ever even thinking about it! The biological wonder of a breath is easy to take for granted and, yet it is the most basic miracle of life.

Let’s talk about how to…

Open to Miracles


A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.
It is a divine intercession from a thought system beyond our own,
re-arranging our perceptions and thus rearranging our world.
The journey to a better world isn’t along a horizontal road
but rather a vertical one;
it’s not a trip somewhere else, but only deeper into our hearts.
In any given instant, there is more love we could see

What is Shiatsu Bodywork?

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese bodywork system that uses hand, knuckle, palm, elbow, and foot pressure on specific points located along energy pathways called meridians, in order to promote the free flow of ki energy, the circulating life force. Is is practiced with the client clothed.

Oriental medicine maintains that disease occurs because of stagnation or blockage in the flow…

Embodiment and Bodywork

sensation and healing

The state of embodiment implies a perception of our physicality as well as a relationship to our sensations outside the realm of thinking. In other words, we are engaged much more in the brain stem rather than the neocortical part of our brain. Embodiment is a form of connectedness — the awareness of how our bodies are related to the rest of our state of being.

Thoughts are only a part of…

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