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My Attention Touches Me, Touches You

Sensing skin, fascia, muscles, fluids,
molecules, and the space in between.
Different pressures, tones,
textures, images, colors, micromovements.
Slipping and sliding, connecting, communicating.
Transforming river of awareness.
Feeling into layers of body
until I am complete in inner spacious space,
where the stars are miles away from each other.
Feeling my whole body through my…

Unwinding The Belly

lymphatic drainage

The main muscle of breathing, the diaphragm, works differently than the other muscles of the body. It lies on a lateral surface under the rib cage, and during a proper inhale it moves down, increasing the pressure in the abdomen and massaging the viscera. The increase in pressure below the diaphragm creates a vacuum in the lung cavities. Air rushes in from the outside to fill this void. When t…

What is Reiki Bodywork?

Reiki Bodywork

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing system that works with the human energy bio-field. Reiki is also the word used to identify the healing modality that accesses the very high vibrational force in all living beings. To tap into this universal energy, or reiki, the practitioner attunes the person’s bio-energy field to accept reiki frequency. Reiki can be practiced through loose,…

Lucia Miracchi, CMT, CHP

Lucia Miracchi, CMT

Lucia Miracchi, founder and owner of Massage Therapy Center, has contributed significantly to the field of somatic healing arts for over 30 years, both as a body therapist and an educator.

After years of committed involvement in modern dance, Iyengar yoga, Wu style tai chi, and Insight meditation, Lucia began studying Continuum, an embodiment movement practice, in 1981, with Emilie Conrad…

What To Tell Your Massage Therapist

Each of our therapists at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto wants to support your quest for healing and wellness, and to give you a session that leaves you feeling well taken care of. Before you book your session, check over our therapeutic modalities to see which best suits your needs. Are you seeking deep release in painful muscles, or gentle touch to calm body and mind? Are you wanting to…

Awareness is an Agent of Change

An overly stressed nervous system, when supplied with correct information — a reminder of how different relaxation and tension feel — often allows tense parts to match relaxed parts. Simple awareness is an agent of change….

Norman Doidge, M.D.
The Brain’s Way of…

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