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Does Massage Make a Difference?

touch and well-being

All evidence points to the importance of touch for adults, but in our culture, touch is often in short supply. For most of us the only appropriate contexts for nonsexual touch (outside of parent-child relationships) are in sports, greetings, healthcare, and professional grooming.

What do we do, then, if we need to be comforted? We often don’t even identify the need as such. We misinterpret…

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is designed for women who are pregnant, and they can receive this massage at any point in their pregnancy. Our pregnancy massage therapists have had specific training in this field. The client receives the session in a side-lying position with pillows and bolsters provided for support and maximum comfort. The treatment consists of specific features of tissue sculpting, Swedis…

Meet Vance Phoenix, Advanced Therapist

Vance graduated in 2005 from Ashmead College of Massage in Portland, Oregon. His range of modalities is broad and covers therapies as light as manual lymphatic drainage to clinical deep tissue. He has extensive experience working with office workers, athletes, mothers, and clients in rehabilitation for various injuries. Vance appreciates having the opportunity, experience, and knowledge to…

Embrace the Whole of Nature

Our task must be to free ourselves

by widening our circle of compassion

to embrace all living creatures

as well as the whole of nature

and its beauty.  ~ Albert…

Emotional Impacts of Low Back Pain

emotional aspects of back pain

No matter how healthy or well-conditioned your body may be, at some point, your lower back is almost destined to cause you problems. For most people, low back pain is just a minor annoyance that emerges once in awhile, sticks around for a couple of days, then goes away. For other people, there’s no break from the pain. When pain becomes chronic, it goes far beyond a physical sensation. It can…

Neuromassage Bodywork

Neuromassage Bodywork

Neuromassage Bodywork incorporates gentle and deep techniques for addressing unhealthy chronic tension patterns and structural imbalances. It is used to re-educate and encourage the nervous system to allow rather than to resist release. Founded by Langdon Roberts, this work combines both neuroscience and therapeutic bodywork while ‘teaching’ the client’s nervous system how to achiev…

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