Got Tech Neck?

We enjoyed a recent column about ‘tech neck’ by Chip Johnson in the SF Chronicle. Tech neck is a repetitive stress injury caused by staring down at the small screen of your laptop, smart phone, or other mobile devices all day long. This causes injuries like those seen a few years after desktop computers became a household item. The condition is most common in people 18 to 39 years old, wit…

Tips for Back Pain

back pain and injury prevention

One of the most common pains many of us deal with is back pain. Here’s information that can help you chart the best course of action for your back pain and for injury prevention.

~ Minimize the damage caused by prolonged sitting. Sitting hunched over can damage your back, but sitting upright can also cause pain. In order to minimize the damage caused by prolonged sitting, lean back once in a…

The Benefits of Sports Massage

sports injury

Sports Massage is a specialized form of Swedish Massage which we offer at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto. It focuses on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating post-event recovery, and benefits professional and amateur athletes, dancers, and exercise enthusiasts.

Sports massage practitioners concentrate on working the whole body and also pay particular attention to those musc…

Meet Caroline Espinosa, Advanced Therapist

Caroline Espinosa, CMT

Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto is pleased to introduce Caroline Espinosa, CMT. Caroline is a graduate of National Holistic Institute and she specializes in Clinical Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy. Coming from a background surrounded by athletes, she says she’s driven to help her clients’ bodies function with ease. “My experience extends to players from the San Jose Sabercats, the San…

Skin-To-Skin Time for Newborns

newborns need skin-to-skin contact

For babies, the nine months of pregnancy may feel like one long, loving embrace. It’s not surprising, then, that studies support the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for mothers and babies from the moment of birth, throughout infancy and beyond. Expectant mothers can enjoy these benefits by including immediate skin-to-skin contact with their babies as part of their birth plan.

“Even for…

Be Yourself

No need to hurry.

No need to sparkle.

No need to be anybody
but yourself….

~ Virginia…

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