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Grow Your Gratitude

This Thanksgiving at your dinner table, try passing the potatoes with an extra helping of gratitude. According to a recent Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study, practicing gratitude four times a week—by keeping a gratitude diary and listening to a guided recording for fostering gratefulness in life—lowered study participants’ levels of depression and stress and increased…

Meet Elaine Wang, Advanced Therapist

Elaine Wang, Advanced Therapist

Elaine received her training at the University of East West in Sunnyvale. She very much believes in the benefits of massage therapy which include stress reduction, increased circulation, reduced muscle tension, and improved range of motion. She is skilled in Swedish massage, clinical deep tissue, deep work massage, and acupressure. ‘My intention and approach is to integrate the unique aspects of…

Breathing Mindfully During Your Massage

When an individual purposefully seeks a state of deep relaxation, a number of important physiological mechanisms are triggered. The relaxed state, called the ‘relaxation response’ by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard University, is the opposite of the ‘fight or flight’ stress response. Researchers have found that many diseases are the result of chronic stress, which causes over-activity of…

Deep Work Massage

Deep Work Massage is a unique approach to bodywork distinct from clinical deep tissue massage. Here ‘deep’ refers to the depth of the client’s positive experience, not just the amount of pressure used. The deep work massage therapists at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto have an educated appreciation for the role of the connective tissue system in shaping the body, and they utilize advanced…

Meet Carolina Huerta, Advanced Therapist

In my work I combine various techniques to help my client toward wholeness. There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping individuals overcome pain and discomfort. My work varies from a relaxing Swedish massage with long, flowing strokes to a firmer Deep Work massage for specific muscle unwinding. My goal is to work in a way that brings the client’s attention back into the body for…

One With The Universe

The Great Mystery permeates
all things, seen and unseen.
Our essential Self
is the same Mystery that fashioned
the meadows and the stars.
Once we experience our bodies
as being one with the Universe,
we know our own true nature
for the first time.
~ Ann…

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