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Practice Kindness for Better Health

practice kindness for better health

Kindness gives us healthier hearts. It also strengthens our immune system, reduces aches and pains, makes us happier, and boosts energy and strength in elderly people. Acts of kindness are often accompanied by emotional warmth, which produces oxytocin in the brain and throughout the body. This chemical is responsible for creating a sense of well-being and connection. Of recent interest is its…

What is Swedish/Western Massage?

Swedish Massage is the classic style of bodywork. Also called Western massage, it is the most popular and familiar massage method being practiced today, and it has served as a foundation for many of the massage techniques developed in recent years. Swedish massage is a scientific system of manipulations on the muscles and connective soft tissue of the body for the purpose of relaxation,…

Meet Nestor Vargas, Advanced Therapist

Nestor is a graduate of De Anza College where he studied massage therapy that included holistic studies in Eastern and Western philosophies. He respects each modality as a separate science but likes to incorporate a bit from each into his sessions, with the goal of facilitating symptom relief and enhanced range of motion. He is currently expanding his learning to include orthopedic and…

Nature Does Not Hurry

Balancing Your Posture for Better Health

good posture

In our recent blog post, Why Good Posture Is Important, we talked about how proper alignment supports the muscles and joints and overall health.

What is proper alignment? Using a mirror, align your ears, shoulders, and hips. Proper alignment places your ears loosely above your shoulders, above your hips. These points make a straight line but the spine itself curves in a slight ‘S.’ This…

Why Get Sports Massage?

sports injury

Sports Massage is a specialized form of Swedish Massage that focuses on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating post-event recovery. It’s beneficial for professional and amateur athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and dancers.

Sports Massage practitioners at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto concentrate on working the whole body and also pay particular attention to those muscle groups…

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