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What To Tell Your Massage Therapist

Each of our therapists at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto wants to support your quest for healing and wellness, and to give you a session that leaves you feeling well taken care of. Before you book your session, check over our therapeutic modalities to see which best suits your needs. Are you seeking deep release in painful muscles, or gentle touch to calm body and mind? Are you wanting to…

Awareness is an Agent of Change

An overly stressed nervous system, when supplied with correct information — a reminder of how different relaxation and tension feel — often allows tense parts to match relaxed parts. Simple awareness is an agent of change….

Norman Doidge, M.D.
The Brain’s Way of…

Fluid Mobility for a Healthy Body

Fluid Mobility

Fluid mobility is the key to a strong and healthy body. And you might not need to stretch to get there—at least not in the conventional sense of the word, according to Charlie Weingroff, former head physical therapist for the United States Marine Corp Special Operations and Athletic Trainer and Strength/Conditioning Specialist.

‘Your goal should be to have a mobile body, not a flexib…

What is Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology uses various touch techniques on specific points of the feet and hands to normalize body function, restore energy throughout the body, and maintain optimum health. Reflexology practitioners theorize that there are major points in the hands and feet  that correspond to each organ and major muscle group in the body. Pressure on these points releases restricted energy flow and improves…

Meet Loretta Starkey, Advanced Therapist

Loretta Starkey, Advanced Therapist

Loretta has been a full-time professional bodyworker since 1984 and has been with Massage Therapy Center for 20 years! She has close to 1000 hours of training, and her work has evolved through continuing studies. The styles Loretta primarily employs are slow and relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release. Our clients love her soothing, healing touch and presence.

Loretta likes to…

When Everything Seems Crazy

When everything seems crazy,

you be calm.

Don’t let the outer chaos you are facing

get inside of you.

Breathe and marvel

at the miracle of your body.

~ Bryant…

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