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Meet Mark Schermerhorn, Advanced Therapist

Mark Schermerhorn is a graduate of National Holistic Institute and has over 1,000 hours of training. He brings a strong combination of Swedish massage as well as deep work to best fit his clients’ unique needs. His style combines flowing nurturing strokes with slow, meticulous, focused work.

Mark became interested in bodywork after taking a course in Thai massage in Bangkok w…

You Matter

You, yourself,

as much as anyone in the entire universe,

deserves your love and affection.

~ The Buddha




Art by Lucia Miracchi, CEO ~ Massage Therapy Center Palo…

Reframe Your Thoughts To Lose Weight

‘When it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, your mind can be your biggest enemy,’ writes Karen Asp at ‘The good news—you can harness your meddlesome thoughts so they work with you instead of against you.’ Here are three strategies she suggests:

Make Exercise Fun. Women in a study who thought they were ‘exercising’ ate more chocolate afterwards than women told…

Acupressure Bodywork

Acupressure Bodywork is the traditional Chinese medicine art of balancing Chi energy—the circulating life force in the body—by stimulating its healthy flow along energy pathways called meridians. Practitioners utilize finger and elbow pressure on the same meridian points stimulated with needles in Acupuncture. It can be practiced through clothing or without clothing. During treatment there is…

Meet Janeel Rao, Advanced Therapist

Janeel is a graduate of National Holistic Institute. He takes great pride in helping those who come to him feel more whole and stress-free. Says Janeel, ‘My goal with each massage is to discover and address each individual client’s needs. Focusing my intuition and anatomical knowledge, I release long-held physical tension, resulting in freer movement and better alignment.’
Janeel encourages…

Wiring A Happier Brain

One of the secrets to wiring our brain toward happiness is in the simple understanding that what we practice and repeat starts to become more automatic, writes psychologist, Elisha Goldstein, PhD. Call it happiness or resiliency habit, and it’s something that anyone can create, he says. The fact is we all have thoughts and behaviors in our lives that influence states of unhappiness or…

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