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inner quiet

The awareness of ‘what is’ is not something we can bring about by force. It depends on discovering a dimension in ourselves of inner quiet and clarity — a clear, uncolored lens through which we can observe without judgment, criticism, or analysis. This inner clarity, called Presence, is both a precondition and a result of exploring awareness of sensation and breath.  ~ Dennis…

Partners, Connect With Massage!

couples connect with massage

Massage is a great way for couples to connect with one another. The simple act of caring touch can help two people bond by feeling each other in a loving way, without talking. It allows partners to make each other feel good and to rejuvenate together. It can simply be a way to relieve the stress your partner has been under during the week, and it can also be a deeply intimate experience.


What is Deep Work Massage?

Deep Work Massage is a unique approach to bodywork distinct from clinical deep tissue massage. Here ‘deep’ refers to the depth of the client’s positive experience, not just the amount of pressure used. The deep work massage therapists at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto have an educated appreciation for the role of the connective tissue system in shaping the body, and they utilize advanced…

Meet Linda Carpenter, Advanced Therapist

With over 12 years of experience as a nationally certified therapist, Linda is highly qualified to help with repetitive stress, injury, and muscle trauma. Her unique blend of knowledge of bodywork and the integrated structure helps each of her clients receive maximum benefits in every experience. Linda is continually inspired by the body’s ability to self heal, and her passion lies in always…

Deep Calm And More Energy

Sit comfortably in a chair or lay down on the floor with a blanket covering you. Then try these practices to help you find that sense of calmness that comes from relaxing mind and body.

•  Imagine golden-light awareness flowing into your body, as if you were filling a glass of water. Let it bathe your being with peacefulness and notice muscles and bones responding.

•  Close your eyes…

What is Acupressure Bodywork?


In traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi energy—the circulating life force in the body—is balanced by stimulating its healthy flow along energy pathways called meridians. Acupressure practitioners utilize finger and elbow pressure on the same meridian points that are stimulated with needles in Acupuncture. It can be practiced with the client keeping clothing on.

During treatment there is…

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