Chiropractic Bodywork

Chiropractic Bodywork is a holistic approach that addresses the relationship between the structure of the spinal column, the nervous system, and disease. Because the nervous system carries energetic impulses throughout the body and controls most body functions, any obstruction can lead to disease processes. Chiropractic assists the body in maintaining a balanced state of health by realigning the spine and extremities to support optimal functioning of the nervous system. When the spine is realigned, nerve impulses flow more effectively, healing takes place, and symptoms resolve.

Chiropractors use gentle manipulations of the skeletal, nervous, muscular, and organ systems to address many issues including headaches, neck and low back pain, sciatica, accident and sports injuries, postural issues, and repetitive strain, as well as digestive disorders. The first visit includes a complete physical examination, medical history, testing of reflexes, and measurement of flexibility. Follow-up sessions usually last less than 30 minutes.

First treatment (includes consultation)  $95
Follow up treatments  $60





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