Seikufujitsu Deep Tissue Massage is an ancient healing art, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, that developed in Japan about 1,200 years ago. The bodywork is a deep tissue method utilizing a unique forearm pressure that is quick, dynamic, and pulsating. It moves healing into muscles, discovering the underlying resistance and structure, reaching into areas of stress and discomfort, teasing the muscles to relax, balancing the body structures, and restoring the body’s natural healing processes. It is also used to break down soft tissue areas of the body that have been injured to allow them to properly heal. Seikufujitsu is also a larger treatment method that may include balancing of ki energy, joint manipulation, rehabilitative exercises, and the use of poultices and herbs.

This method successfully treats conditions such as muscle strain and sprain, joint strain and sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports and work injuries, migraine headaches, and general fatigue.

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