On Aging

Never sag ~ always straight with shoulders back and head high.

Don’t talk about your health for more than one minute at a time.

Never say the word ‘old’ in reference to self.

~ Sophia Loren, ag…

Mind-Body Practices Reduce Inflammation

Fluid Mobility

In a new paper published in Frontiers in Immunology, British researchers analyzed the findings from 18 previously published studies on the biological effects of meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, qi gong, and tai chi. Together, the authors say, the studies show that these mind-body practices appear to suppress the expression of genes and genetic pathways that promote inflammation. They can…

Start Now

Start now.
Find the time.
Get your rhythm.
Work hard.
Bounce back.
Stay present.
Be mindful.
Be amazed.
Get Massage!

Massage Therapy Center Palo…

Exercise Benefits Your Brain

Cerebral Cardio: Aerobic exercise is associated with increased gray matter volume in the brain’s cortex, where memory networks are housed, says J. Carson Smith, PhD, Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Physical activity can also help protect the hippocampus, another part of the brain essential to memory, from disease-related shrinkage. It…

You are a Continuous Creation

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, our professional therapists are dedicated to being present moment-by-moment to encourage the continuous creation that happens in concert with all healing possibilities. Creativity…

What’s Your Body Telling You?

Developing mindful listening to your body is a powerful self-care step that can improve your life. Your body speaks to you, warning you when things are out of balance. When you learn to hear these quieter distress signals, you can notice more quickly that you need to make changes to support your health and well-being. This requires increasing your sensitivity to your body’s messages, sensing…

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