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Meet George Davison, Advanced Therapist

George graduated in 2001 from the American Institute of Massage Therapy and has worked in various settings including sports clinics, spas, and physical therapy and chiropractic offices. He has developed effective treatment programs for helping clients with different types of pain—TMJ, sciatica, tennis or golf elbow, shoulder and low back pain, and headaches. George’s philosophy and approach to achieve effective results are about creating balance. “First I source the muscle pain from the area of tightness back to its origin and then I bring the different muscle groups that are working against each other into a state of symbiosis.”

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, George offers clinical deep tissue massage, deep work, Swedish and pregnancy massage, plus myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and reflexology. In his free time, George is very physically active. He plays on two baseball teams and enjoys golf, tennis, cycling, swimming, beach volleyball, and frisbee. He also trains in Pilates to build core strength and finds this benefits any sport he plays.


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