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Meet Paola Divito, Advanced Therapist

Paola Divito, Advanced Massage TherapistPaola Divito graduated from the World School of Massage in 2010, where she deepened her understanding of bodywork therapy as a holistic form. Says Paola, “When we bring awareness to our breath and the sensations we feel, our body naturally begins to soften and release.”

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, Paola offers Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Work Massage, and Swedish Massage. In her sessions, Paola invites you to explore the areas that have become uncomfortable or restricted in your body. She integrates pressure points and deep work that is gentle and effective in enlivening the body and restoring its expression of health. Her enthusiasm for the art of healing inspires and reinforces her commitment to her own well-being and cultivating peace and calm to share with others.

Some of Paola’s favorite things include being around trees, plants, and animals; watching sunsets; sewing; and getting lost in time. Her practices of TaiChi, Qigong, and yoga are a meaningful part of her life.


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