Reiki bodywork

Reiki Bodywork is a Japanese hands-on healing system that works with the human energy bio-field. Reiki is also the word used to identify the healing modality that accesses the very high vibrational force in all living beings. To tap into this universal energy, or reiki, the practitioner attunes the person’s bio-energy field to accept reiki frequency. Reiki is practiced through loose, comfortable clothing. It is administered with a light touch of the practitioner’s hands upon various parts of the recipient’s body, in a pattern that promotes optimum energy balancing and enhances the natural self-healing processes.

Reiki accelerates healing of physical injuries, discomforts, and diseases. It often significantly lessens physical pain and emotional stress. It relieves mental distress and promotes spiritual clarity. Reiki is especially dynamic in the areas of physical well-being and personal growth, and it can be incorporated into a variety of healing arts.