Feldenkrais Infused Bodywork

Why Feldenkrais® Infused Bodywork?

Limiting compensatory patterns in the body—developed after illness, injury, or trauma—are deeply embedded in our nervous systems, creating restricted movement, chronic pain, and tension. We offer bodywork infused with Feldenkrais Method® principles to change these ineffective habits. Working with body sensations, mindful attention, guided movements, and intentional touch, Feldenkrais® Infused Bodywork helps our brain sense and choose more functional ways of being that bring more ease and benefit the entire body-mind system.

What is Feldenkrais®?

The Feldenkrais Method® is a sensorimotor learning approach that helps clients investigate their habits of movement and structural holding patterns, thus guiding them into new possibilities. It is an application of scientific and neuroplastic understandings about how the brain best learns, with great sensitivity to the functional interrelationship of movement, sensation, attention, and touch.

What Your Bodywork Session May Include

Bodywork infused with Feldenkrais® principles uses intentional movements and touch, guiding words, and mindful attention. Every session is designed to address the client’s­ particular needs. Because attention enhances the connection between body and mind—thus increasing the potential for positive change—during your session you may be asked to notice how you are lying on the table, or how you are walking, or standing. You may be guided to do a movement relevant to your issue, or to bring your attention to feeling differences in your body.

At other times the session may be silent, allowing your body-mind to sense and feel your nervous system’s response to the communication of touch. At the end of your session, you may be asked to notice the difference in how you felt at the beginning compared with how you feel at the end. When you make these subtle distinctions, your brain is recognizing an improved way to move, stand, sit, and sense yourself towards more wholeness.

The result is a more balanced and flexible body-mind system that will support healthy muscles, balanced organs, alive connective tissues, nourishing fluids, and a positive creative mind.

Who Can Benefit

  • For those with chronic tension and pain, it reveals and changes the habitual body patterns underlying these issues.
  • After injury, accidents, or trauma, it helps improve function and comfort.
  • Athletes, dancers, musicians, and others can reduce unnecessary effort, prevent and heal injuries, and improve their performance.
  • It benefits anyone wanting to enhance their flexibility, vitality, and health!

Feldenkrais® Infused Bodywork is provided by Loretta Starkey.