Meditation on Breath

Connect with Beauty

Let yourself arrive.
Land in your breath.
Let your breath move all of you.
Go deeply into yourself,
deeply into what keeps you safe and vital.
Here you meet the movement
of your own precious attention.
See what wants to go.
Let go of what you don’t need
at the threshold of your Being.
You can just be seen, felt, and heard,
and that is enough—in this moment now.
Feel the soft…

Opening Into A Deeper Dimension


The boundaries of a living body are open and indeterminate—more like membranes than barriers, they define a surface of metamorphosis and exchange. With your quiet mindful attention, allow yourself to take a grand tour through and beyond the semi-permeable membranes of your perceived boundaries. Your attention is the tour guide. Question your assumptions about the space you inhabit that you ca…

Attentiveness and the BodyMind

What is it that happens when we examine the quality and dynamics of our attentiveness? If attention stretches out and links us to what we are looking at, then our looking could affect what we look at. There is a mysterious aspect of participation that offers an opportunity to augment certain life processes. We tend to have access to greater potential when a certain quality of awareness is…

Connectedness Through Therapeutic Attention

Things don’t exist in isolation, especially living beings. Being aware of our own anatomy comes alive as relationships of the parts of the body to each other are revealed. Weaving these parts into an appreciation of the whole happens when attention and touch animate the body. Our relationship to breath is also paramount in our embodiment of living. Something seemingly as simple as t…

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