creating calmness

Deep Calm And More Energy

Sit comfortably in a chair or lay down on the floor with a blanket covering you. Then try these practices to help you find that sense of calmness that comes from relaxing mind and body.

•  Imagine golden-light awareness flowing into your body, as if you were filling a glass of water. Let it bathe your being with peacefulness and notice muscles and bones responding.

•  Close your eyes…

Remove the Clouds

awaken through stillness

“There is great value in stilling the body, emotions, and mind. We quiet the internal energies to access the wisdom at the root of our own nature. Remembering slowly emerges through our ongoing commitment to remove physical and behavioral patterns that keep us from seeing clearly. When we remove the clouds that blind our sight, we feel we are learning something new. But this awareness that dawns…

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