freedom of movement

What is Deep Work Massage?

Deep Work Massage is a unique approach to bodywork that is offered at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto. ‘Deep’ refers to the opportunity for a deeply transformative experience, not to the amount of pressure used. It is distinct from Clinical Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Work therapists have an educated understanding of the role of the connective tissue system in shaping the body, and they…

What Is The Feldenkrais® Method?

The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational system which uses movement to bring about more effective ways to function. It is an application of principles and exercises that help the body program the brain to benefit the entire body-mind system. A student is taught to become aware of their existing patterns of action and then guided in the discovery of additional possibilities to enhance deeper…

Freedom of Movement Supports Self-Healing


Says Bonnie Gintis, Osteopath, Continuum Movement teacher, and author of Engaging the Movement of Life: “If our bodies were able to move freely, the way they are designed to, without the constraints of habit, they would self-correct more often. Many people have lost the instinctive ability to sense this. We yawn and we occasionally stretch, but most of us don’t engage in much spontaneous…

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