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Tips for Holiday Eating

The holiday season is filled with joy, and it’s also filled with food. Many people tend to over-indulge during this time, snacking on foods packed with sugars and drenched in salt, and this often leads to a little bulge around the middle. Overeating and putting on weight during this season is a common problem. A Consumer Reports survey found that what 37 percent of people dreaded the most…

Manipulate Your Mood to Choose Better Food

massage improves mood

Anyone who has downed a pint of ice cream to cope with a breakup has reason to believe that moods influence what we eat. Now a new study offers evidence to back that up, showing that bad moods often lead to bad food choices and vice versa.

People in a series of experiments, were asked to read a happy or sad story, or write about things that made them happy or sad. The participants then wer…

The Surprising Benefits of Tea

benefits of tea

Turn over a new leaf – of tea, that is. Not only is the virtually zero-calorie beverage filled with antioxidants that may help prevent cancer, but newer research shows that it may also improve your memory, mood, skin, alertness, problem solving, digestion, as well as heart and bone health. It may even prevent type 2 diabetes and help with weight management.

Those are the findings from…

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