Freedom of Movement Supports Self-Healing


Says Bonnie Gintis, Osteopath, Continuum Movement teacher, and author of Engaging the Movement of Life: “If our bodies were able to move freely, the way they are designed to, without the constraints of habit, they would self-correct more often. Many people have lost the instinctive ability to sense this. We yawn and we occasionally stretch, but most of us don’t engage in much spontaneous…

What is Reiki Bodywork?

Reiki Bodywork

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing practice that works with the human energy bio-field to promote balance throughout the whole system. It accesses the very high vibrational force in all living beings. To tap into the universal energy, or reiki, the practitioner attunes the person’s bio-energy field to accept reiki frequency. Reiki does not involve physical manipulation and can be practiced…

Allow Relaxation To Naturally Happen

Relaxation is an inborn, integrated physiological process that can be easily triggered just by setting up the right conditions. In quiescent relaxation, in which the mind is at rest, most energy-consuming physiological processes slow down, and there is a sense that we are being restored and renewed.

During times of demanding circumstances, fear, or anger, the body prepares itself swiftly for…

You are a Continuous Creation

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto, our professional therapists are dedicated to being present moment-by-moment to encourage the continuous creation that happens in concert with all healing possibilities. Creativity…

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