Blessings for this New Year 2014

New Year Blessings

May we be met each moment with grace and pure presence.
May we know outrageous play as well as the vastness of silence and space.
With a wild and eager heart, may we each find our unique way in this world.
May we treasure living a sensual body-life made of light and earth, dreams and meaning.
May our communication be lubricated with the willingness to listen in the spirit of…

Breathing and Transformation

breathing and transformation

Breathing has a gross motion effect: the rib cage expands, the spinal curves accommodate this motion, the diaphragms elevate and descend, and the internal organs are massaged. Breath will mobilize tissue, blood, and lymph, change heart rate, alter the tone of our nervous system, change our emotional state, and effect countless other physiological functions.

Our breath is more than a…

The Miracle of Renewal!


Living in California, we don’t get to experience the full miracle. Our year-round weather is too nice; the Earth does not appear to die sometime around the middle of November, only to resurrect itself in late March. We have flowers in all seasons.

But Spring is nevertheless here, and when we contemplate the atypically green hills and the great blooms of wildflowers covering the slopes…

Dwell In Your Own Tranquility


Beauty. Over against the world. With all its turbulence, Distraction and worry, One can only cultivate a mind…

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