Cussaundra Madueno Cmt 1

Graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2018, it is my mission to promote wellness through deep tissue, trigger point, and pain release techniques. Having previously been involved with chronic pain therapy, it is important to me as a therapist that I address the issues the client presents and see results in every session. I focus directly on any area my client is struggling with and implement trigger point therapy as well as myofascial release to relieve any discomfort she/he is sensing while also creating a safe, grounding experience. I intend to help as many people as I can with the therapeutic touch of massage while being compassionate and present during my sessions. I believe that not only is massage useful for chronic pain, mobility, and flexibility, but it is also beneficial for overall well-being and mental clarity.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing to all kinds of music, painting, writing, and practicing guitar. Also, enjoying the stillness and beauty of nature, whether on a hike or hanging out with friends, will always be number one in my heart.