George Davison, CMT

I have been practicing massage and bodywork since graduating in 2001 from the American Institute of Massage Therapy. In my twenty years of practice, I have worked in a variety of settings including high-end spas, sports clinics, physical therapy as well as chiropractic offices. I have very effective treatment programs for dealing with many different types of pain from TMJ, sciatica, tennis or golf elbow, shoulder, low back pain, and headaches. My philosophy with massage is all about creating balance in order to provide results that are both effective and thorough. First I source the muscle pain from the area of tightness back to its origin and, then, I bring the different muscle groups that are working against each other into a state of symbiosis. 

I live in Santa Cruz, California, and am very active in the community. I play on two baseball teams, play golf as often as possible, enjoy tennis, swimming, cycling, beach volleyball, and frisbee. I also train in Pilates since I believe core strength helps with any sport I play.


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