Johnie Kelly CMT

I am a California Certified Massage and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist who has been in practice since 2009. I trained at the National Holistic Institute School of Massage and have experience in assisting a wide variety of clients, including those living with chronic illness and pain, as well as those wanting to achieve relaxation, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and get relief from muscle tension. I customize each massage to the specific needs of each client, based on the information I receive from the initial intake, and use a perceived pressure scale of 1 to 10 to communicate with you to determine the best touch level based on your feedback.

In my free time, I enjoy group exercise such as Zumba, bodypump, and contemporary dance classes, where I can connect with my mind/body through movement. Also, walking, running, and hiking on my own and with the Baylands Frontrunners Club as well as exploring different places in California. I enjoy relaxing in hot tubs, practicing yoga, and reading.