Loretta Starkey CMT

I have over 2,000 hours of training and continue to study and evolve my approach to helping my clients gain deep relaxation and stress relief, as well as freedom of movement and injury rehabilitation. I like to work according to what each client needs to support optimal functioning and health.

My bodywork is infused with Feldenkrais® principles. Feldenkrais® is a sensorimotor approach to learning that engages the body-mind to help clients become aware of their movement, posture, and structural holding patterns that contribute to tension, pain, and unnecessary limitations. These compensation habits—often learned after injuries, accidents, and trauma—will start to change, reminding your body-mind of the way it was organized before the trauma, bringing you back to earlier, more functional ways of moving and being.

Outside of my bodywork practice, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, walking and hiking in nature, sometimes on my own, other times with friends. I like to stay emotionally and physically fit with Yoga and Pilates training. My bodywork has been influenced by many years of these practices as well as meditation practices, which nourish me deeply, professionally and personally.