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Winter Quietude And Deep Listening

Sensations, feelings, intuitions—through these we grasp our inner wisdom which gives us grounding and guidance. This deep intelligence does not speak directly through the mind; rather wisdom arrives in the emotional body and then travels to the mind as a ‘knowing.’ The mind thus analyzes what the sensing body already has awareness of. Quiet times of listening, of being still within the body,…

Acupressure Bodywork


In traditional Chinese Medicine, the circulating life force in the body—known a Chi—is balanced by stimulating its healthy flow along energy pathways called meridians. Acupressure practitioners utilize finger and elbow pressure on the same meridian points that are stimulated with needles in Acupuncture. Acupressure can be practiced with the client keeping clothing on.

There is elongation…

Meet Selena Zhang, Advanced Therapist

A graduate of the University of East West Medicine in Sunnyvale, Selena joined the MTC staff in 2019. Selena uses bodywork techniques and strokes that incorporate light to deep pressure, to release body tension and enhance circulation. She offers Acupressure, Clinical Deep Tissue Massage, Deep Work Massage, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Happy New Year: A Relaxed, Healthier You!

healthy new year

Another new year, and another opportunity for renewed hopes and enlivening possibilities! But before you make new year’s resolutions, we invite you to take some time out for yourself to rebalance after the busy holiday season. Relax with bodywork and sauna, spend quiet time in nature, meditate, journal—to help bring you back to your center. Then with restored balance and clarity, reflect on…

Wake To The Splendor Of Living

Perhaps for a moment,
the wheels will stop rolling,
the computers will go dark,
and a hush will fall over the world.
For an instant, in the stillness,
the chiming of the celestial spheres
will be heard as Earth hangs
poised in the crystalline darkness,
and then gracefully tilts.
Let there be a season
when holiness is heard,
and the splendor of living is revealed.
Let this be t…

Staying Connected and Open-Hearted

It is the small things in life that open the heart ~ the laugh of a child, the beauty of a flower, the touch of a hand, a simple kindness. In the simplicity of the moment true peace arrives. And when it does, the heart naturally begins to respond. ~ Ann Mortifee

During the busy holiday season, we often don’t make time to truly nurture ourselves so that we can give peaceful presence to thos…

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