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Massage is Effective for Neck Pain

alleviate neck pain

A popular but little-studied method of easing neck pain—by moving patients’ necks in specific ways—may be more effective than traditional physical therapy or physician’s care, according to WebMD. A new study shows manual therapy as practiced in the US by chiropractors, osteopaths, and some massage therapists, worked best at improving neck mobility and reducing pain.

Neck pain is a…

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

cranial manipulation

Craniosacral Therapy is one of the more gentle yet powerful therapies offered at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto. This modality uses gentle, fluid movements of the bones and tissues of the head, chest area, and hips to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Imbalances are corrected in the central nervous system between the cranium and the sacrum, resetting the body’s natural healing…

Meet Estel Pereira, Advanced Therapist

Estel Pereira, Advanced Therapist

This month we feature Estel Pereira, CMT, a highly respected therapist who has been with Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto since 2006.

Estel’s approach is to provide a deep, relaxing massage in the hopes of allowing her clients the opportunity and safety to ‘just let go and be with themselves.’ She combines Swedish massage, Structural Work, and Neuromassage to address each client’s desires…

Sensing What’s Good For You

At Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto,
our expert therapists re-align your muscles and tissues
so that you not only breathe better,
but your sense of what is an appropriate decision
speaks to you clearly and…

What Causes Stress For You?

When we are stressed, our body responds as though we are in danger and releases hormones that speed up our heart and breathing, to give us a burst of energy. This is known as the fight-or-flight stress response. Our bodies recover from normal short-term stress through relaxation, calming touch, emotional release, and social support.

When stressful situations last over a long period of time,…

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy

In Trigger Point Therapy various methods are used to relieve and eliminate a hypersensitive area known as a trigger point—in the muscle, its tendon, or fascia. Usually the trigger point is not in the area of pain, but digital pressure over the point will elicit pain in a referred area. Trauma is a common cause of trigger points, either by direct injury or excessive stretching and contraction.

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