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Can You Hear Yourself Living?

I would like to spend the rest of my days
in a place so silent, and working so slow,
that I would be able to hear myself living.
~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto is a healing, quiet space in this world of noise, rushing, and distraction. When you take time to slow down and nourish yourself—to reduce the impact of stress on your body and relax your mind—you creat…

Shiatsu Bodywork

Shiatsu Bodywork

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese bodywork that uses hand, knuckle, palm, elbow, and foot pressure on specific points located along energy meridians, in order to promote the free flow of ki energy, the circulating life force. Oriental Medicine maintains that disease occurs because of stagnation or blockage in the flow of ki. Shiatsu uses pressure techniques to affect the interrupted energy flow…

Meet Amy Liu, Advanced Therapist

Amy Liu, Advanced Therapist

Amy received her massage degree from De Anza College and has a wealth of knowledge, incorporating both Eastern and Western bodywork skills to create a balanced blend of effective therapies. Whether using slow, nurturing, meditative strokes, or deeper pressure, she aims to diffuse tension and pain, and to instill relaxation, clarity, and a felt sense of greater vitality. She thoroughly assesses…

Doorways Into The Moment

healing attention

It is the small things in life that open the heart — the laugh of a child, the beauty of a flower, the touch of a hand, a simple kindness…. Only the present moment can bring joy. There is no peace in striving toward the future. There is no wonder in clinging to the past. In the simplicity of the moment true peace arrives. And when it does, the heart naturally begins to respond. Let us…

Powering Down Our Brain

Why do we spend roughly 10 percent of our waking hours with our eyes closed, blinking far more often than is actually necessary to keep our eyeballs lubricated?

Scientists have found that the human brain uses that tiny moment of shut-eye to power down. The mental break can last anywhere from a split second to a few seconds before attention is fully restored, researchers from Japan’s Osaka…

Making Time To Rest

relaxation and rest

We work very hard in our lives. Often we don’t get adequate sleep. And rarely do we make time to rest during our demanding day. Just as athletes know that they need recovery time after a strenuous workout, those with stressful lifestyles also need recovery for reducing physical, emotional, and psychological wear-and-tear. We now know that chronic high levels of stress can cause all sorts of…

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