body awareness

What’s Your Body Telling You?

Developing mindful listening to your body is a powerful self-care step that can improve your life. Your body speaks to you, warning you when things are out of balance. When you learn to hear these quieter distress signals, you can notice more quickly that you need to make changes to support your health and well-being. This requires increasing your sensitivity to your body’s messages, sensing…

Stress and Mindfulness of the Body

stress and body mindfulness

A recent article by Mark Bertin, MD, reported on a new study that suggests that mindfulness of the body—noticing our physical sensations—can be a useful tool for stress management and greater resilience. Participants who noticed their physical state sooner, were able to reign in the stress response before it escalated. This is because it’s much easier to settle ourselves when mildly…

Body Factoids

Brought to you by your friends at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto….

Your body uses 300 muscles just to stabilize you while you stand.

The human bone is stronger than cement.

It takes 7 seconds for the food to make the journey from the mouth to the stomach.

Without saliva, your body would not be able to digest any food.

The human hair can pull up to 3 kilograms of…

What is Your Body?

We think about our bodies all the time. How do they look? What is their state of health? Are they aging? Are they sufficiently strong, attractive, impressive? These questions churn out an almost endless stream of thinking, feeling, and spending. Consider all the clothing, beauty products, food products, accessories, books, equipment, therapists, health products, body workers, and so on that mak…

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