On Relationships

Life is relationships;
the rest is just details.
~ Dave Smiley

When we have relationships that feel safe, nurturing, and we receive caring touch, our brain produces oxytocin, which acts like a hormone to regulate our nervous system. It helps us feel calm, relaxed, alert, engaged, and more open and trusting with those we’re close to. The oxytocin response is key to maintaining healthy…

Mom: You Need Nurturing For Yourself!


Mothering is one of the most important jobs you can do, and one of the most demanding. In the introduction to the book she co-authored entitled Mother Nurture, Jan Hanson writes ‘Being a mother has been the most wonderful, extraordinary experience of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! But by the time our son was three and his baby sister was a few months old, I had been working…

Rest Improves Loving Feeling

rest improves relationships

Not feeling the love with your significant other? UC Berkeley researchers recommend spending some quality time in bed – fast asleep. A new study found that sleep deprivation can make couples too tired to act grateful for each other and end up with one or both of them feeling taken for granted.

The study involved 60 couples. In one experiment, participants kept a journal of their s…

How Massage Can Benefit Our Relationships

Massage benefits for relationships

Oxytocin—the hormone-like chemical produced in the brain when we feel safe, connected, and receive caring touch—regulates the arousal level of our nervous system, and it produces a sense of safety and openness in our relationships.

Whenever we feel stressed, volatile, or are escalating into an argument, the stress hormones that are coursing through our body have revved up our nervous…

Oxytocin, Caring Touch and Well-being

caring touch creates well-being

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring chemical produced in the brain when we feel safe, nurtured, and receive caring touch. It acts like a hormone in our bodies to regulate the arousal level of our nervous system. It is also the hormone of attachment, the ‘neural cement’ of all loving bonds.

Because babies are unable to regulate their own nervous system, loving touch and closeness are critica…

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