Our Safety Precautions

precautions2Please rest assured that all preventive measures are actively being taken to ensure your safety at Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto during this time of Covid-19.

Everyone entering the facility will be required to wear a face mask at all times. All therapists will wear a KN95 face mask during sessions; a face shield in addition to the mask is also an option. Front desk staff will wear a mask when interacting with clients. Before entering the building, clients will be checked to make sure they are wearing an appropriate mask. Clients must wear a face mask during their session.

When clients arrive, they are to wait in the patio area outside the front door after checking in by phone, until the receptionist calls them inside. Chairs will be arranged to provide social distancing. Just inside the door is a sanitizing station where anyone entering will be asked to sanitize their hands. Before a client can enter the lobby, the front desk staff will ask about any symptoms they’ve experienced in the previous 14 days, take their temperature with a no-touch infrared thermometer, then ask them to complete a Covid-19 questionnaire. Anyone with current symptoms or recent exposure to a person with diagnosed Covid-19 will not be allowed to enter the building.

Only two clients will be allowed in the lobby at any time. Staff and clients are instructed to keep 6 ft. apart at all times. Traffic in the hallway will be one way for all clients. Entrance is from the front of the building and exit from the back door only. We ask clients to pay before the session so they don’t have to exit and reenter. Therapists will wait on the back patio until the receptionist calls them to let them know their client has arrived. The therapist will then walk around the building to pick them up outside.


All rooms are equipped with high quality, medical-grade HEPA Air Purifiers that remove particles down to .01 microns in size, which includes coronavirus. All duct work in our Center has been professionally cleaned. Plastic sneeze guards have been installed at the front counter. The sauna and showers will not be in use during this time as mandated by the Department of Public Health. And no massage of the face is permitted.


We provide hand sanitizer in the lobby area, massage rooms, and restrooms. All staff members thoroughly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after each session. Both client and therapist will use hand sanitizer before exiting the massage room. After each session, therapists will sanitize everything in the massage room that has been touched. This includes the massage tables and face rest, doors and handles, oil bottles, etc. After every session, massage tables and face-cradles will be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide before being covered with clean sanitized linen.

Every hour, we sanitize all common areas with sanitizing wipes or hydrogen peroxide, including counters and frequently touched fixtures such as front door handle, hallway door, and bathrooms. Staff will sanitize the pen on the front counter after each use. The toilet lid must be closed before flushing. A sign will be posted as a reminder. Staff will wipe down the restroom after each use including toilet handle, seat, faucet fixtures, counter, light switch, and door handle. Our facilities are cleaned every night using Virucidal disinfectant in all areas including doors and counters.


All employees will take their temperature at home before coming to work. If exhibiting a fever or any other Covid-19 symptoms, or if a household member is, or if they or a household member has been exposed to someone with confirmed Covid-19, even if they have no symptoms, they will not come to work. They will self-quarantine and will get tested immediately.

All staff are instructed to have no social contact on their way to work, and they will have their temperature taken upon arrival at MTC. All have been trained about Covid-19 self-screening as well as appropriate sanitizing protocols, according to Santa Clara County Dept. of Public Health mandates.