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Massage Therapy Center Palo Alto has 310 reviews on Yelp. Many of them are filtered, as well as hard to find, so we have copied a few here to simplify your search. Please feel free to visit our Yelp page as well.

MTC is a great place to get a massage. There are many different modalities to choose from, excellent practitioners, in a relaxing and clean environment. I received a massage from at least 10 different practitioners. Each one had their own style and specialty. I appreciated their knowledge of anatomy and physiology and their ability to work deeply on my aches and pains. When I preferred a lighter touch, the practitioners honored my request. Great experience with great results.

★★★★★ Linda B. from Millbrae, CA

I work as a physical fitness instructor in a local gym and I often send my clients to Massage Therapy Center since I myself go there regularly for acupuncture as well as deep work. The environment is great and the therapists are consistently excellent. What a find!

★★★★★ Adam J. from Palo Alto, CA

I have been coming to Massage Therapy Center for a few years and I have had different therapists work on me. They are well educated and I always go for their advanced therapy services. I’ve learned that when receiving treatment, communicating with the therapist helps improve the result of the treatment, so I let my therapist know what I am sensing during the session. I highly recommend this Center for its professional therapeutic work!

★★★★★ Justin B. from Palo Alto, CA

I had a wonderful first massage here. Kelly was the best! She listened to my requirements and requests and got rid of all the tension in my back while delicately working on my neck – I have arthritis – and managed to get it feeling so much better. The front desk is friendly and efficient. The atmosphere and decor are very soothing. Everything appeared exceptionally clean and well run. I will definitely recommend Massage Therapy Center, and will return again myself.

★★★★★ Caroline M. from Menlo Park, CA

The advanced massage practitioners at Massage Therapy Center are well versed in human anatomy and they ask the questions up front to determine what issues I have in my body. After the assessment, my practitioner sets his intentions for healing then mindfully applies skillful techniques to ensure specific targeted muscles are released. Each session I’ve had is mindful and holds the intention of wellness, my wellness! I am grateful to receive excellence in bodywork from highly skilled professionals.

★★★★★ Gina A. from San Francisco, CA